Ahoy, me Poker Hearties!

Everyone at Sailors of the Sky wants to welcome you aboard our site and we hope that you enjoy your ride with us through the world of Poker. We delve deep into the history of our favourite table game and share with you its murky past, its expansion into America and Europe and its eventual popularity throughout the world.

We discuss the top places to play at such as the best online casinos NZ books that have made Poker famous and infamous, we look at how technology like the internet has expanded the reach of the game and of course we dedicate some time to the tournament that helped to catapult the game into the limelight: the World Series of Poker.

We don’t want new Poker players to feel like shark bait when they’re sitting at a table playing with more experienced players or playing at online real money casino, so we’ll give you a rundown of the basic table navigation and some Poker terminology so that you can feel comfortable and confident when you start to play. Knowing the rules of the game is fundamental to your success and we provide you with the essentials. On our website you’ll discover the many different variations of the game, ebook links courtesy of Maplecasino, and some useful information to help you pick a favourite.



125x125-cuk-ms-en-match-19-08-11We also supply you with some strategy advice which is essential if you’re serious about playing and winning Poker. This is one casino table game that requires skill to win rather than blind luck. With a few simple tactics tucked under your belt you’re well on your way to winning and enjoying more Poker games.

One element that you need to master is the art of bluffing. While it’s a fun aspect of the game it’s also one of the most fundamental.  Successful players don’t bluff all the time and they learn in which situations a bluff will work. We help you with some basic bluffing strategy and then set you on your way, for more visit casino.

Of course practice makes perfect and that’s why you should start to play Poker at online casinos. Use a casino’s free play mode to perfect your game and hone your skills before setting sail and taking over the world! The history of Poker is filled with old sea dogs who have been hugely influential in steering the game into the form that we know and love today.

We look at some of these instrumental personalities and how they affected the game.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Let’s go play some Poker!