Basic Poker Strategy

Poker is the one casino game that requires more skill than luck to win, and any novice player who is serious about playing Poker first needs to learn some basic strategies. A beginner must play a simple game and this means not being scared to fold. If your initial hand is bad then fold as this protects your chips for the next round. It is a good idea to occasionally stay in as this will confuse the other players and make you harder to read.

Aggression is part of the game but you should use it selectively. Don’t be scared to raise the bet, particularly if there are less players competing for the pot. In this situation it’s better to raise than to call. It’s important to pay attention to the pot and to study your opponents even when they aren’t playing. If you can pick up on certain habits then you can figure out how they are betting and you can use this to your advantage. Don’t play Poker when you’re emotional or drunk as you won’t make smart decisions and you’ll be easier to beat. Play Poker online to practice your tactics before playing for real money.

Bluffing is an important part of a Poker strategy but it’s also one of the most fun aspects of the game. Players need to learn how to read the game to know when it’s the right time to bluff because it works best in particular situations against particular people. You ideal opportunity to pull off a bluff is against a tight player with a fairly small pot. Don’t bluff against a bad or loose player as there’s less chance that they’ll fold and you could be caught out. It’s important to bluff but it’s equally important not to bluff all the time.