Explaining Poker’s Weirdest Terms

Have you ever wondered about the origin of some of Poker’s weirdest terms?

Tilt – this word originates from pinball machines where players would lift then entire machine up so that they could manually make the ball roll into the right place. The machine was then referred to as being on tilt. In Poker, a person is on tilt when they let their emotions cloud their judgement and they don’t play like they’re capable of playing.

River – in the 19th century Poker was regularly being played on riverboats on the Mississippi River. Cheaters would regularly hide a 5thcard up their sleeve to give themselves a better hand but when they were caught they were thrown overboard. This is why the 5th and final card is known as the River.

Nuts – in the American Old West a player could wager their wagon on a Poker game. They would signal this by taking out the nuts and bolts and leaving them on the table. This meant that the player was completely convinced that they had a hand that couldn’t be beaten. Today it means that a player has the strongest possible hand in a specific situation.

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