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First Anaglyph 3D Slot Emerges


Online casinoThree-dimensional (3D) slot machines are among the most popular casino games played online. Nevertheless, despite the prevalence of the term, they aren’t actually 3D. Sure, they incorporate some 3D elements, but they aren’t 3D in the same way that modern video games are.

A core goal in the online casino industry is to close the gap between video games and online casino games. The video game industry, particularly on mobiles, is growing at a phenomenal rate. If the casino industry can attach itself to that success, then it could increase profits dramatically. By doing so, it could also make itself more appealing to the young person who is already a gamer and may enjoy playing them with money on the line.

The big issue is one of limiting the consumer base. The most popular games require gamers to buy specialized devices, such as an Xbox or PlayStation. The online casino companies, however, have to develop software that can be used by nearly anyone and doesn’t require any additional investment. They’d love to piggyback themselves on the game consoles, but the console manufacturers avoid that association in order to maintain a family-friendly appearance.

Recently, the developers of a new online slot game, Sterling Silver 3D, took an interesting approach. Rather than emulate the style of 3D video games, why not emulate the styles of 3D movies? After all, 3D movies are very popular and may be able to generate a similar appeal that the industry is going for as they transition their casino games to be more like video games.

Sterling Silver 3D uses the classic blue-red approach, which means that players have to wear 3D glasses. The good news is that it works on any type of monitor and this type of 3D glasses is readily available. In fact, members at a casino that hosts Sterling Silver 3D can simply request a pair and have it shipped to them for free. The game is also playable in a 2D mode, but its best features are designed to take advantage of the 3D effect.

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