The Glorious Forms That Blackjack Can Be Spread


blackjack17Traditional games have developed devoted followings over the years, and Blackjack is no exception to this rule with its fast pace and potential for large paydays. Casinos around the world and on the Internet have risen to the occasion and have began to off a variety of different forms of this game. The following paragraphs list a few of these and illustrate some of the key differences from the parent game of blackjack.

Decks in the Shoe

One of the aspects of the game of Blackjack that can vary the results for advanced players is the amount of decks in the shoe. Memory plays a pivotal role for fluctuation due to this change. A single deck game offers the chance for an attentive person to make better decisions by knowing what the remainder of the cards are. The advantage is slanted even more for the casino as more decks are added to the game. Six decks is the norm these days.

Double Exposure

Known also as Face Up 21, this variation features both of the dealers cards face up. Perfect play can be done based on the complete knowledge of the dealer’s holdings. The offset to this comes in the following changes.

  • Blackjack Only Pays 1x
  • Dealer Wins Ties
  • Players Can Split Once

The casino is not going to spread a game that does not have positive expectation. These alterations provide new excitement to the game of blackjack.


The bettor is dealt and forced to play two hands. A player is allowed to exchange the second card of both hands that they are dealt in this form of the game. The changes involved are the following:

  • Blackjack Pays Even Odds
  • Dealer 22 is a Push Unless Player Gets Blackjack
  • Dealer Traditionally Hits Soft 17
  • Equal Bet Size for Both Initial Hands

Departures from the traditional game provide gamblers a renewed attitude of excitement. Casinos that spread these variants attract more interest then those competitors who do not offer these. Excitement and profit can be had by all who play these forms of blackjack.

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