Odd Names for Starting Poker Hands

Poker Hands terminology can be quite daunting for novice players, particularly when it comes to starting hands as there are a vast number of them. These hands got their names for a variety of reasons but all of them have stuck. Here is a selection of some humorous and interesting starting hands.


–          J-5: Jackson Five – this was named after the famous family because “jacks and fives” sounded similar.

–          10-2: Doyle Brunson – this was the hand that won him a WSOP title in 1976 and again in 1977.

–          9-5: Dolly Parton – after the singer wrote a song and starred in a movie with that name.

–          K-10: Katie or Katy – because 10 is regularly written as a T.

–          4s-4c: Darth Vader – because “dark fours” and “dark force” sound similar.

–          A-8: Dead man’s hand – it was named after Wild Bill Hickok because he was holding those cards in his hand when he was shot in 1876.

–          J-4: Flat tyre – because you ask the question, “What’s the jack for?”

–          A-K: Anna Kournikova – it was originally from her initials but it was later included that they both“looked good but hardly ever won”.



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