Poker Protocol – How To Behave At The Table

By Charlotte Jackson

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Poker professionally or with friends, there is basic etiquette that all players should follow to ensure that the game flows smoothly.

–          Poker is a social game not a slow game, so don’t disappear to get food, drinks or talk on your telephone and keep other players waiting.

–          Splashing the pot is what you see in movies when players throw their chips into the centre of the table. This is bad etiquette and it’s hard to see what bet you’ve placed.

–          Don’t reveal your cards while a hand is being played. This applies to when you have a good hand and you’re so excited you want to play out of turn and when you have a bad hand and you can’t wait to fold.

–          Don’t blame the dealer for your cards because they cannot control what you’re dealt.

–          Over- celebrating is considered bad form and should be avoided. You’re entitled to revel in your victory but no one wants to hear you gloat or hear jibes at the player who lost.

–          If you’re having a bad streak then you also have to hold your tongue because being rude or overtly aggressive will just cause you to lose friends.

If you follow these etiquette tips, everyone will be impressed with your Poker manners!

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